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Last Updated: Tuesday February 16 2010 13:07 GMT

Cat gets head stuck in tin can

Cat trapped in tin can

A cat who got her head trapped in an empty tin can managed to find her way to an animal rescue centre to get help.

Despite not being able to see, the pet avoided danger to reach help without getting hurt.

Scottish SPCA Wildlife Rescue Centre experts safely removed the can and checked her to make sure she was OK.

The young cat has recovered well and is now living in Edinburgh at a home for lost and abandoned pets while they try to track down her owner.

Freed cat
The cat was pleased to escape the can

Colin Seddon from the rescue centre said: "Luckily no damage was done and the little cat was very pleased to be freed.

"We think it's likely that she was scavenging and came across this discarded tin of cat food."


When she was found, the cat was wearing a black collar with bright green cats eyes on it.

The people who helped her escape the can say she's friendly and has been well looked after.