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Last Updated: Tuesday February 16 2010 07:55 GMT

Squirrel banned from park ride

Squirrel on theme park ride

A theme park has had to ban a grey squirrel from one of its rides, because it's a health and safety risk!

The furry rodent was causing chaos at Alton Towers, getting in the way of building work and stealing food from workers there.

The squirrel was seen one of the roller coasters during a morning test-ride, and again later that day.

Alarms which signal a warning noise to the free-loading rodent have now been fitted to the ride.

But the sound can't be heard by humans, so won't ruin the fun of visitors.


A spokeswoman said: "It was getting in the way of the builders.

"They couldn't carry on because they would end up with paw prints in the paint.

"Banning a squirrel from a roller coaster is certainly unusual but I suppose there's a first time for everything."