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Last Updated: Monday February 15 2010 07:26 GMT

Ricky checks out a 3D school

School takes lessons in 3D

Ricky's been checking out a school in Reading where learning is less textbook and more hi-tech 3D technology...

"It's Monday morning. Your first lesson of the day is science and you're not looking forward to spending the next couple of hours staring at the white board and into a textbook.

Well, thanks to the latest technology, boring lessons could be a thing of the past.

One secondary school in Reading in the south-east of England is using 3D projectors to make lessons more enjoyable.

How it all works

They've installed a hi-tech projector at the front of the class which beams out images onto the whiteboard.

Once the students put on their special glasses, the pictures in front of them become very real.

I joined Year 7 to check out the 3D lesson for myself. We were looking at the human body, and exploring how our ears function.

Learning in 3D

Once I put the 3D glasses on, the images leapt out in front of me.

Ricky checks out a 3D school...
Students attempt to touch the 3D ear floating around the classroom!

I could see the ear in great detail and it felt close enough to touch.

The 3D lessons are interactive and they make the lessons memorable and fun.

Some of children in the classroom got a bit of a fright as the images zoomed towards them, I heard a few screams and gasps.

Ricky's verdict

The graphics were really impressive and some of the kids even thought the 3D lesson was better than going to see Avatar at the cinema!

Soon, more schools could be teaching in 3D. That's because the price of the projectors have come down over the last couple of years.

The special glasses are still pretty costly, but experts are now finding a way to make them cheaper too.

So move over 2D... it's all about the 3D!"