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Last Updated: Thursday February 11 2010 19:08 GMT

Jedward quiz their superfan Leah

Jedward quiz superfan Leah

When Leah was getting ready to interview Jedward, she didn't realise the troublesome twins would turn the tables on her...

"OMG, OMG, OMG! That was my reaction when I realised I was about to meet John And Edward.

I am probably their biggest superfan. I loved their Ghostbuster and Britney performances on X Factor and ever since they were booted off the show I've been trying to interview them for Newsround.

Tracking down the twins

They've been really popular recently so it hasn't been easy tracking Jedward down.

Could that hair get any higher?!

But when I heard they were popping into CBBC for a chat with Iain and Hacker, I knew this was my one and only chance to grab five minutes with the boys.

I've interviewed lots of celebrities in my time but I have to say Jedward rock. They were so much fun, and even said they recognised me from watching Newsround!

Leah the Superfan

So to prove how much of a superfan I really am the boys asked me some questions about them.

Things like what is their favourite colour, what pets they have and when they were born.

I think I failed the most important one though because I couldn't tell the difference between John and Edward...!

Leah's final verdict

They boys strike another pose...

I know not everyone likes them, but I have to say after meeting the boys that they'll certainly be getting a Valentine's card from me.

They also accepted me as a superfan and even taught me some dance moves to their new single Under Pressure.

Thank you Newsround for allowing me to finally meet Jedward."