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Last Updated: Tuesday February 16 2010 06:28 GMT

We use iPods in class

Pupils using iPods in class

You wouldn't think that you'd be allowed to use your iPod in class but that's what a class in a school in Coventry can do.

In fact, they were given the iPods by the school, to help them with their lessons.

Here's their story.

"Our class is getting the chance to keep an iPod for two whole years.

We think they are good to use in lessons because they help us with our maths and our grammar.

It is like holding a mini computer in your hand.

We use them when we are in lessons and when we get stuck. We can look on our iPods at our desks instead of going to a computer.

Pupils using iPods in class
iPods in the classroom

Take them home

Even when we are far from our school, with our iPods, we can still do our homework.

The iPods are not just for research, they are also for fun and games. You can do anything on the iPods, they are fantastic!

We were very excited when we found out about the iPod project because we get to take them home.

Really jealous

Year 6 are disappointed because they did not get any iPods.

Our friends from out of school are really jealous. They all want to come to our school.

Come back to us and we will keep you up to date on what is going on."

Kavita, Sabha, Mariam, Naazmah ,Tia, Saira, Irma, Falak, Zara and Amina, Year 5, Coventry

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