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Last Updated: Thursday February 18 2010 10:28 GMT

Meeting Olympian James Cracknell

Olivia [third from left], her classmates and Olympic rowing champion James Cracknell

The Food Standards Agency have launched a campaign called SmallSteps4Life, aimed at getting children fit and healthy.

Press Packer Olivia went to the launch with some of her classmates and got to meet Olympic rowing champion James Cracknell.

Here's her story...

"The day I met James Cracknell was so exciting.

It was the launch of the Small Steps 4 Life website at the new Olympic Stadium and my school had been chosen to be there.

We had been involved in the Health Challenge pilot in 2008 and now it was being launched in all the schools in England.

New challenges

James has a go at spinning plates
James has a go at spinning plates

On the day, we tried some new challenges. James Cracknell joined in with us learning to juggle.

He tried to juggle some oranges, but dropped one! We also learned how to spin plates.

James Cracknell eventually got the plate spinning but the wind knocked it off!


He spoke about the Health Challenge and spoke about what fun it can be to become healthy.

James Cracknell is an inspiration to look up to and I will remember him and the day for a long time to come."

Olivia, 9, Kent, England

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