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Last Updated: Thursday February 11 2010 08:52 GMT

School veggies end up in bin

Kids eating school dinners

More children than ever before are choosing vegetables in their school dinners - but lots of them get chucked in the bin, a report's found.

Just over half of kids put things like carrots and peas on their plates, but over a third of these don't get eaten.

Pupils are also eating more salad and fruit, but lots of these get binned.

"More needs to be done to encourage pupils to finish eating the vegetables, salad and fruit which have been taken," the report said.

Fruit is still doing the worst among the healthy foods at school. Only around a fifth of kids choose fruit as part of their lunch, and a third of it gets chucked.

Girl eating fruit

But it's not all bad news. Kids are also choosing less fattening, starchy foods, and are drinking more water than they used to.

The people who wrote the report, from the School Food Trust, said there was still work to be done to get schools to provide even better food, and to encourage kids to finish it, not bin it.

Their research involved 6,700 pupils in England.