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Last Updated: Thursday February 11 2010 06:46 GMT

Snow storms cause chaos in US

The famous Capitol Building in Washington is covered in snow

Blizzards have caused major disruption in parts of north America, with schools, shops and government offices being forced to close.

Heavy snow and strong winds have made it the worst winter in the Washington area on record since 1899.

Soldiers have been called in to help clear the streets in the capital. People have been told not to drive and even snow-ploughs have been stopped.

Schools have been closed in New York for only the third time in six years.

This chaos follows several days of heavy snow in the region. in Washington alone, there's been 139 cm of snow this winter so far.

Thousands of people have lost electricity supplies, and families are racing to buy food in case the shops start running out.

  • In the UK, snow has hit parts of southern England, with Kent and East Sussex seeing the most of the white stuff.