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Last Updated: Wednesday February 10 2010 15:55 GMT

Freedom helps kids be safe on web

Freedom helps kids be safe on web

Children who are given a bit more freedom to surf the web at school are actually less likely to get into trouble online, a report has revealed.

Some schools don't let kids go onto any websites without a teacher's permission, called a 'lockdown' system.

But when schools let pupils use their own judgement more, the children understood the risks better and were careful about their online safety.

The research was done by Ofsted, which is in charge of schools.

The schools which let kids decide for themselves have what's called 'managed systems', which do block some sites, but there are many more where the pupils get to decide for themselves if they are safe.

The people who wrote the report compared it to young kids being taught to cross the road.

"Children who hold a parent's hand every time they cross the road are safe. However, unless they are taught to cross the road by themselves, they might not learn to do this independently," they said.

Ofsted also said that teachers should be given more training in online safety.