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Last Updated: Thursday February 11 2010 06:50 GMT

My dad has an important job

Press Packer Zoe with her dad

Press Packer Zoe's dad works for a fire and rescue service.

Here she tells us some of things he has to do and how it affects her family.

"My dad has a second job with a fire and rescue service.

He has to wear a pager all the time and can be called out any time of the day or night; he also has to go to training on Monday nights.

Part of a team

My dad is the crew manager and a trauma medic. He has been a firefighter for 22 years and he loves it.

What my dad most enjoys about the job is being able to help people, being part of the team and the friends he has made within the team.

He least enjoys having to leave his tea half done when he gets a call-out!

The fire station
The fire station

He's gets called to help out when there are floods, fires, crashes or if people are trapped.


Sometimes he can be gone for a long time, I do get worried while he is away.

It can also affect the family if we are just about to go out and dad's pager goes off and has to go out.

But I'm really proud of my dad and the good work that he does.

Some people don't understand what the job involves and it is much harder that it looks."

Zoe, 11, Aberdeenshire

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