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Last Updated: Tuesday February 09 2010 07:48 GMT

Man found alive in Haiti rubble

Rubble in Port-au-Prince

A man in Haiti has been rescued after spending almost four weeks under rubble from the recent devastating earthquake.

The 28-year-old is thought to have been saved by villagers who were digging at the market site in the capital Port-au-Prince, where he was trapped.

Doctors say the man is very dehydrated and exhausted, but is now recovering in hospital from his 27-day ordeal.

More than 150,000 people were killed in the earthquake, which struck on 12 January and left 1.5 million homeless.

Doctors said it was "unusual but not impossible" for someone to survive for so long in such conditions.

Dr Dushyantha Jayaweera, of the University of Miami field hospital, added: "He's still sick, he cannot talk to anybody, but we are very optimistic with the condition of the patient."