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Last Updated: Monday February 08 2010 17:03 GMT

Sonali chats to stars of Percy Jackson film

Percy Jackson stars, L-R: Brandon T Jackson, Alexandra Daddario and Logan Lerman

Percy Jackson and the Olympians are the latest fictional heroes to transform from the pages of their books onto a big screen near you.

As the UK gets ready for the release of the first film in the series - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - we sent Sonali to meet some of the stars...

Chris Columbus - Director

Sonali and Chris Columbus

Sonali's chat with Chris Columbus

Chris Columbus is no stranger to directing kids' action films as he directed some of the Harry Potter movies too.

He tells Sonali what he loves about making films for younger audiences, how he got the job on Percy Jackson and whether he's still a Harry Potter fan.

Logan Lerman plays Percy Jackson
Logan Lerman who plays Percy Jackson in the film

Sonali catches up with Logan Lerman

Percy Jackson may be a demigod, but that doesn't mean he's perfect, as Logan explains.

He also talks about the comparisons being made with the Harry Potter films and what his hopes for the film are.

But keep an eye out for the unexpected interruption during Sonali and Logan's chat... Anyone for tea?

Brandon T. Jackson plays Grover

Brandon Jackson, who plays Grover in the film

Sonali meets Brandon T. Jackson

Brandon's character Grover is a half human, half goat satyr who's friends with Percy. If that doesn't mean much now, it soon will.

He tells Sonali what it was like having to wear hairy trousers all day and how he ended up with one pair smoking!

And if you've ever wondered how actors cope filming so many special effects, Brandon's got some answers.

Alexandra Daddario plays Annabeth

Alexandra Daddario

Sonali chatting with Alexandra Daddario

Annabeth is Percy's friend and fellow demigod, but it was a pretty demanding role as there are loads of action scenes.

Alexandra explains how she coped with all her stunts, particularly the sword fighting, and how to avoid getting starstruck on set.

Kevin McKidd plays Percy's dad, Poseidon

Kevin McKidd, who plays Percy's dad Poseidon in the film

Sonali meets Percy Jackson's dad!

Percy's dad Poseidon may be the Greek God of the sea, but Scotsman Kevin explains why he wouldn't agree to take on the role until his son had read the script.

He also lets Sonali into some of the film's filming secrets, as well as talking about getting homesick in Hollywood and why he's a big fan of Newsround!