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Last Updated: Wednesday February 03 2010 18:24 GMT

JLS fans caught in ticket scam


JLS illegal ticket scam

School children have been left very upset after their JLS tickets weren't valid because they were from an illegal website.

Charlotte and Nadine both really love JLS, so when their mum heard they were playing in their hometown, she decided to buy tickets.

But the website she bought them from was fake.

And they're not the only kids to have been taken in by an illegal ticket site scam.

Advice for buying tickets

Indira Pereira-Lopes who works for the Office of Fair Trading

Advice on buying tickets

Indira Pereira-Lopes works for the Office of Fair Trading who try to stop scams like this one.

She reckons you should ask yourself if the deal you see on a website is too good to be true, or if the tickets it is offering are sold out on all the major websites.