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Last Updated: Wednesday February 03 2010 05:41 GMT

Teacher attempting Atlantic swim

Dan Martin
Dan Martin is training for his swim across the Atlantic

A school teacher from Peterborough is hoping to become the first person ever to swim across the Atlantic.

Dan Martin is in training for an 18-month global triathlon - that's a race where you run, cycle and swim - which he'll begin in Canada in May.

He's aiming to swim more than 3,600 miles from Canada to France and then cycle across Europe.

He says he's confident, but the things that scare him are storms, barnacles and sharks.

The biggest part of the journey is the Atlantic swim and he reckons this will take about four months.

But he won't be alone as he'll have a boat with a crew of five with him, and he'll swim eight hours a day in three bursts.