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Last Updated: Friday January 29 2010 16:41 GMT

Charlie's Haiti total at 200,000

Fundraiser Charlie with Simon Cowell

Kids do their bit to help Haiti

Seven-year-old Charlie has become a bit of a celebrity since he did a sponsored bike ride for Haiti in his local park.

When he started his target was £500, but his total has now hit a whopping £200,000.

He's also paid a visit to the Prime Minister's house at 10 Downing Street where he rode his bike around and met the PM's wife, Sarah.

Even X Factor judge Simon Cowell is impressed, calling Charlie "the most famous boy in the world"!

Simon himself has been doing his bit getting loads of stars to help make a charity single.

Everybody Hurts will be ready for download on 7 February and will hit the shops a day later.

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell reckons Charlie is "the most famous boy in the world"!

And it's not just Charlie and Simon who've been raising money. We've had loads of emails from you about Hats for Haiti days, mufti days and cake sales all going towards the relief work there.

And the people of Haiti still need aid. The quake caused so much damage that the acting head of the United Nations there said it will take tens of years to rebuild.