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Last Updated: Friday January 29 2010 14:03 GMT

Girl, 12, designs an eco house

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Most people enter competitions to win a holiday or some free music. But Jennifer from Rugby in the Midlands won a competition of a very different kind.

She designed an eco house with lots of energy-saving gizmos and now her plans are about to become a reality.

Ricky went to meet her...

"Two years ago Jennifer entered a competition.

She was asked to come up with designs for an eco-friendly house. She put pen to paper and drew up some impressive ideas.

Those green designs won her the competition and now, even though she's just 12-years-old, builders are about to start work on her eco-house.


Jennifer's designs included solar panels, light switches on the floor activated by people walking over them and many more energy saving ideas.

The building site
Here's where the houses will be built!

Her house will be built on a derelict site in Redditch, Worcestershire and should be completed by summer 2011.

Jennifer's plans were so good, Redditch Low Carbon Co-operative, the people behind the houses, decided to give the go-ahead to build two of them. The twin 'Jennifer Houses' will sit alongside 56 other homes, built with the environment in mind.

Really excited

I met up with Jennifer on the very spot where her designs will become a reality. She told me that she's really excited about her plans coming to life.

Jennifer's friends are impressed with her house of the future.

"My friends think it's great, because you usually have an adult doing the job, but now you've got a 12-year-old," she said.

Something special

Of course Jennifer won't be able to keep the houses, but at least she's helped to create something very special that will be enjoyed by families for years.

Well done Jennifer! I can't wait to see the houses when they've finally been built."