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Last Updated: Thursday January 28 2010 12:06 GMT

Apple unveils cool new gadget

Apple ipad

You've heard of the iPod and the iPhone, well now the company that makes these gadgets, Apple, has revealed its latest invention - the iPad.

It's a cross between a touchscreen phone and a laptop, and can be used to watch films, play games and browse the web.

At the moment it is only going on sale in America and will cost between around £300 and £500.

The idea is that the iPad will be used to download e-books and newspapers.

Apple has done a deal with lots of book publishers to allow people do download their favourite reads through the itunes store.

Apple ipad
You can type on the ipad's touchscreen like a computer

It is not the first touchscreen tablet computer though.

Earlier this month, companies like Dell and HP showed off similar gadgets at a big electronics show in Las Vegas, in America.