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Last Updated: Wednesday January 27 2010 17:08 GMT

We only put our bins out once a year


How much recycling do you do at home? Well one family in Gloucestershire is so good at recycling that they only have to put their bins out once a year!

They recycle almost everything they use, so they only have enough non-recyclable waste to fill one bin every 12 months.

Eight-year-old Verona tells us how it's done.

"We started off by saying no to plastic bags, and it really went from there.

I always look for the marks on packaging that show it can be recycled. Now we recycle cardboard, tins, glass, and plastic bottles.

We compost a lot of waste too. Things like tea bags, tissues and paper can all be composted, not just garden rubbish.

My mum bakes all our biscuits and cakes so we don't have any plastic wrappers to get rid of.

The only things we can't recycle are things like broken toys and broken pens.

Crisp packet problem

Until recently we couldn't recycle our crisp packets either. Now we've found a company in the Philippines in south-east Asia which can turn our used crisp packets into purses. It's good because the company helps kids who live on a rubbish dump.

It's important to recycle because if we just throw everything in the bin it ends up rotting for hundreds of years.

If plastic bags get into the sea they can end up hurting sea creatures too.

My advice would be to start doing just one thing - like saying no to carrier bags, and then see what else you can recycle."