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Last Updated: Wednesday January 27 2010 07:44 GMT

New 30-mile keepy-uppy record set

Dan Magness

A man has broken a new world record by playing "keepy-uppy" for 30 miles across London.

Dan Magness visited every Premier League stadium while keeping a football off the ground using all parts of his body except his hands.

He left Fulham's Craven Cottage at 8am on Tuesday and finished at Tottenham Hotspur's White Hart Lane stadium at about 10pm.

He now hopes to visit every Premier League ground doing his footie tricks.

After reaching White Hart Lane, Dan said: "I am absolutely exhausted, I've had every sort of cramp but I am really proud."

Amazing journey

The ball he used is now going to travel 10,000 miles to Johannesburg in South Africa for the opening of the World Cup.

On its journey, the football will be taken through Europe and 17 African countries. It is seen as a symbol of hope a bit like the Olympic torch.

Dan has already broken four world records, including doing keepy uppys for 24 hours in a box in central London.