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Last Updated: Monday February 01 2010 12:56 GMT

Are you raising money to help Haiti?


The country Haiti is recovering from one of the worst earthquakes ever to hit the area.

Lots of people are trying to do their bit to help survivors.

Celebrities in America took part in a massive telethon to raise cash.

And seven-year-old Charlie from London has managed to raise more than £140,000 by riding his bike around his local park!

What about you? Have you come up with any exciting ways to raise money?

Do you think it's important to help Haiti? Or do you think we should leave it to aid agencies and governments to send support?

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Your comments

"Our school is wearing hats for Haiti, we are paying 50p or more to help."

Emily, 10, Hereford

"We had a non-uniform day in school and we paid £1 to donate to Haiti!"

Jasmine, 10, Devon, England

"My school did a cake sale and we raised £130.83!"

Chantal, 11, London, England

"At our school we are all paying £1 to have a mufti day."

Akira, 13, London, England

"My school have been raising money by having a mufti day, a cake sale and a coffee morning. We raised over £1,000."

James, 10, London, England

"Our school had a disco and a non-uniform day. We have raised over £1,000!"

Samaira, 10, Nottingham, England

"In our school we had a non-uniform day and everyone paid £1. We raised over £600!"

Dalia, 11, London, England

"In school we had a cake stall and a sponsored skip. Altogether we have raised £1,000."

Matthew, 9, Liverpool, England

"At school we had a red accessory day and a cake sale. We raised over £400 for the Haiti appeal."

Jessica, 14, England

"My class is doing a car wash, and cake sale to try and raise money for Haiti. In the first day we raised £200."

Aimee, 11, York, England

"My school raised £2,000 for Haiti. We came in non-uniform and we had a fundraiser with some stalls."

Chloe, 11, England

"My school is having a hair and hat for Haiti Day. We have to bring in £1."

Imogen, 11, Lancaster, England

"We had a hat for Haiti day on Friday. We must have raised £40!"

Louisa, 10, Herefordshire, England

"At my school we did a cake sale and raised £518 for Haiti."

Jessica, 10, Newcastle, England

"We had a collection at school and at our rugby and hockey matches we raised £1,186 for Haiti."

Ara, 12, Scotland

"We had a cake sale called, high tea for Haiti and we raised £491.78!"

Freya, 10, Devon, England

"We are doing a sponsored walk over our local hill. So far we have raised over £60 and it is our first day of collecting sponsors!"

Katy, 11, Scotland

"We had a mufti day in school and made special biscuits to help people in Haiti. We raised over £3000.

Jack, 13, Plymouth, England

"Our school had a non-uniform day and we brought in £2."

Bella, 14, Cardiff, Wales

"We have made over £800 by holding a toy and cake sale."

Eloise, 9, Cheshire, England

"Our school had a cake sale and a mufti day. We raised over £200."

Jamie, 10, Bristol, England

"At our school, we had a mufti day and a cake sale. Our target was £500 but we raised over £700."

Christina, 11, Bournemouth, England

"My school has raised £560 for Haiti by having a non-uniform day."

Elisa, 10, Surrey, England

"Our school wore blue and red colours for Haiti. We raised more than £1500!"

Elspeth, 10, Hertford, England

"We wore multi-coloured socks and tights for Haiti and brought in as much money as we could. We raised £700!"

Hannah, 11, Devon, England

"I am writing some poems and putting them in a book which I am going to sell. I really want to help Haiti a lot and I know that it is going to take a long time for Haiti to get back into shape again but at least I know I have done something for them."

Megan, 11, England

"I think its really important because Haiti is a very small, poor country so that's probably why so many people are helping."

Luke, Rainhill, England

"In my primary school the whole of Year 6 are doing a Caribbean Party and Sponsored Run to raise money for Haiti. Everyone in the school should attend and contribute to Haiti."

Eilish, 10, Greenwich, England

"We're having a cake sale and all the money goes to Haiti!"

Amelia, 10, Kidderminster, England

"My school are having a coffee morning and everyone is donating a pound to wear whatever we want!"

Kathryn, 13, Inverness, Scotland

"My school are doing a Valentine's disco to raise a few pounds to help Haiti."

Claudia, 9, Leeds, England

"We got to wear a hat or scarf all day in school. A good time to be wearing it because the snow is back here, AGAIN! We had to pay £1. A guy in my class brought in £40 and put it in for Haiti. I was amazed!"

Paige, 14, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I am helping raise money by holding a colouring competition at my school."

Shantelle, 8, Leicester, England

"My mum had a coffee evening and raised £659, so I am interested in helping these people too. I hope we raise enough money to help!"

Sarah, 9, Essex, England

"We had a cake and sweet sale to raise money for Haiti. I think it is important because they need all the money they can get to sort out their lives again!"

Louise, 14, Glasgow, Scotland

"At school we had a cake sale and a bucket was brought around school to put money in. I think we should help the people of Haiti because we would want them to help us if we needed it!"

Maralyne, 10, Manchester, England

"My school has been making hats for Haiti and raising money."

Oliver, 7, London, England

"My school sent our winning money of £42.54 from a challenge we did to Haiti."

Andy, 10, Warwickshire, England

"My friend is raising money by making mini versions of people for 50p!"

Sophie, 12, Guildford, England

"My friends and I are doing two things. We're doing a thing called Care in a Box, where we send gifts and money to the people in Haiti and we're putting on a pantomime at our school to raise money."

Tamblin, 10, London, England

"I'm doing all I can to help Haiti!"

Ellie, 10, Derby, England

"I am doing a Bring and Buy sale at Guides next week."

Kayleigh, 14, Birmingham, England

"We are raising money for Haiti by making Sunny Bugs, selling them in school, doing a sponsored walk and doing a sponsored bike ride! HOPE FOR HAITI!"

Class P7D, 11, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"We are having a Hats for Haiti day today. We've brought money in and everyone is wearing a fabulous hat! We hope our money helps the people in Haiti. We have been watching the news on Newsround and we feel very sorry, and we hope they all get better soon."

Year 3, 7 and 8, Tyneside, England

"We are paying £1 to wear our pyjamas to school today. Even the teachers are wearing their pyjamas!"

Jenna, 7, Midlothian, Scotland

"In three days I've raised £232.55."

Darragh, 9, County Down, N. Ireland

"My school had a Hats for Haiti day, but then I wanted to do more, so I have made some special picture 'shields' and my family, friends and mummy's friends at work have donated more than £20 so far. I hope it is enough for a tent before the rainy season begins."

Thea, 6, Dudley, England

"I made some chocolate crispy cakes for sale at my school to help people in Haiti. Tomorrow we are doing a coin trail."

Cameron, 5, Sandhurst, England

"We held a non-uniform day at school. We all had to wear as much red or blue as we could."

Hannah, 12, Preston, England

"Tomorrow we're having a hats for Haiti day and bringing in £1 each!"

John, 11, Cambridge, England

"My school are having a mufti day tomorrow to raise money. We have already raised £1000."

Ella, 14, High Wycombe, England

"I made marshmallow rice crispy buns and sold them to my neighbours and the staff of my school. I raised £33.40."

Adam, 7, Northern Ireland

"Me and my friends are have a cake sale to raise money. In our school we are all wearing silly hats for £2."

Georgia, 9, Colchester, England

"My school is raising money for Haiti by asking everyone to wear a funny hat and to donate at least £1."

Anna, 11, Ireland

"Our school is doing a fundraiser for Haiti. We are all coming in non-uniform and after school we are having some stalls."

Chloe, 11, Merseyside, England

"Our small school of about 400 raised over £3,000 pounds from having a mufti day. And two girls from my year had a big competition of guess the sweets in the jar and sold cute bookmarks!!!"

Ella, 11, Surrey, England

"Our primary school in London supported Haiti by wearing blue and red like the Haiti flag. Also everyone in the school, even the teachers will pay £1 or more!"

Imane, 10, London, England

"Well, today our class raised £47.45 I think, and we are not sure how much the whole school raised, but we had a Hats for Haiti day. We all could wear any hat we liked!"

Bethany, 9, Buckley, Wales

"Our school raised nearly £200 for Haiti. We had a pirate costume day with activities and it was a lot of fun."

Darren, 11, Dundee, Scotland

"We went around school with a bucket, asking people for small donations."

Abi, 12, Bristol, England

"We have managed to raise £16.10 from getting people to guess how many sweets are in a jar for 10p a go! We're hoping to raise over £20 when we finish!"

Will, 12, Bristol, England

"In our class we all baked cakes to sell and managed to raise £26.50, it was fun!"

Brodie, 12, Bristol, England

"Our class has sold cakes for 20p and raised £342."

Lily, 9, Penarth, Wales

"We have a table quiz in our school and had to give €2 each. Plus, my mom and dad are giving money to Haiti!"

Katherine, 12, Kerry, Ireland

"Our school had a no chair day (we weren't allowed to sit on any chairs)! This was to make us feel what it is like to have something you take for granted taken away. We also had a cake sale and donated old clothes. The Art Attack presenter came and made a collage of Haiti using the clothes. In total we raised over £4500!!"

Kate, 13, Eastbourne, England

"My council are raising cash, but they have only raised £700 so far when I donated £73.50 of it (ALL of my pocket money savings since last Easter by the way)! So around my area people aren't really bothered about it, except for ME!"

Mariam, 13, West Midlands, England

"Our school raised over £600 by sponsoring our 5th and 6th years who got their legs waxed!"

Claire, 12, Lanarkshire, Scotland

"Our school is doing a wear red for Haiti day on Friday and I donated £10 of my Christmas money."

Emily, 11, Belfast, N. Ireland

"Me and my friends have been doing a sponsored silence in class. We raised a lot of money and our teachers really appreciated it!"

Anna, 11, Surrey, England

"We are filling in the shape of a big 'H' with piles of coins from are pocket money to make a money 3D sculpture. We are sending the money collected to the UNICEF appeal."

Fabio, 7, Stockport, England

"I am raising money by keeping quiet, for however long people want me to keep quiet."

Tyler, 8, West Sussex, England

"My class did a copper count and raised £87.52 and there are six other classes doing raffles, a cake sale and a charity lunch, so hopefully we'll reach £100!"

Lydia, 9, West Midlands, England

"In school each tutor group has to raise at least £30 and the school target is £2000!!"

Sara, 12, Middlesbrough, England

"My friends and I went singing to raise money. We raised about £40. My school has also been collecting money and has raised lots!!"

Ada, 11, London, England

"I have been collecting change in a bucket around my school. I nearly have £20 and I am still going!"

Nicole, 14, Yate, England

"We are baking buns and selling them for 20p. So far we have raised over £500."

Ellen, 9, Northern Ireland

"In my school we are covering a huge map of Haiti in two pound coins and having a fund raising day. It should be good fun!"

Amy, 9, England

"We get to wear silly hats to school and our are target is £1000."

Lois, 11, Southampton, England

"In my school we have written letters to people in Haiti telling them to get well soon. We also sent in lots of food that our teacher will send in a box to Haiti."

Danny, 11, Kent, England

"My school is having a hats for Haiti day and a cake sale. We are also sending a shelter box. So far we have raised £450."

Emma, 10, Kent, England

"Our school are raising money for Haiti by doing a jumble sale. We are hoping to raise £250."

Laura, 8, Newbury, England

"Our school is going to have an odd shoe, sock, hair and hat day to donate to the people in Haiti."

Abbie, 8, Glasgow, Scotland

"Our school helped Haiti with a cake sale and raised nearly £300"

Hollie, 10, Kent, England

"I think we should help the people of Haiti because if it happened to us we would want everyone to help. My class are hoping to organise a mad hair for Haiti day to raise money."

Corrie, 9, Dumfries, Scotland

"We are collecting all of our loose change from home and making a trail of coins from one end of our school to the other!"

Year 4, 9, Newcastle, England

"Me and my class decided to have a talent contest, cake sale and lots of other ideas. I want to raise lots of money."

Ewelina, 10, Cheshire, England

"My school raised £1008 for Haiti. We had a mufti day and we are all so happy!"

Ishita, 8, London, England

"In our school we are allowed to wear anything with a little red and blue, but we have to bring in £1. We're also having a bake sale and I'm helping out. We are hoping that we will raise more than £80 at least."

Naeema, 11, Bedford, England

"My school raised £464 to help the survivors of Haiti."

Becky, 7, Cheshire, England

"I have been cleaning, polishing, cooking and tidying up!"

Chloe, 8, Perth, Scotland

"Our school is doing Hat for Haiti and we are raising money by bringing in £2 and wearing a hat all day!!"

Anya, 11, Lancashire, England

"Everyone in our class convinced the teacher into letting us bring in a €1 or more to help Haiti. We raised €3,300!"

Tara, 10, County Meath, Ireland

"Our school had a wear what you want day and we all had to put in some money for Haiti."

Susie, 10, Scotland

"I am helping the people in Haiti by making pictures and cards, and then selling them to family and friends."

Ellie, 7, Staffordshire, England

"At my school we have to bring in £1 and wear a silly hat which will go towards Haiti."

Rowan, 11, West Yorkshire, England

"In school on Friday we held a hat for Haiti day and we raised £74.20."

Callum, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"Our school had a non-uniform day and raised nearly £500."

Natalie, 10, Tyne and Wear, England

"My school are raising money by putting on plays and sending a bucket around for people to put money in."

Afsana, 10, London, England

"We had a mufti day, my friend and I raised £120."

Shrey, 11, London, England

"I am doing a sponsored run around my garden on Wednesday to raise £100."

Charlie, 7, Oxfordshire, England

"My school is raising money for Haiti by having a charity cake sale."

Philip, 8, Guildford, England

"We are having a non-uniform day at school. I am going to take in £1 from my pocket money."

Hector, 8, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Our school had mufti day. It was fantastic and we raised £400."

Jacy, 9, Hertfordshire, England

"In our school we are doing a hat for Haiti day where you can wear any hat you like for the whole day."

Erin, 10, Liverpool, England

"My class and I baked homemade cakes and sold them at school at a Cake Quake sale. We raised £175."

Katie, 8, Suffolk, England

"We're raising money as a school by having a non-uniform day and everyone has to pay at least £1."

Téa, 10, Gloucestershire, England

"My school is having a Hats For Haiti day and you have to wear a hat and bring a donation. I think it is a really good idea to help the people of Haiti and we'll all have fun!"

Jade, 9, Birmingham, England

"We raised money at school by wearing our own clothes and bringing in more than £1. We raised £614.09 and we think that this total is amazing!!"

Anna, 11, West Midlands, England

"My friends and I decided to raise money for the people of Haiti and we're going to do a bike ride for five miles."

Claudia, 8, Northumberland, England

"My school and I have been raising money for Haiti. In two days we raised over £1000. We plan to continue our fundraising and then send our money off to Haiti. Everyone, please send a donation through any organisation as those people out in Haiti need our help more than ever."

Natasha, 12, Merseyside, England

"I did a sponsored walk and walked and ran two and a half miles."

Joshua, 8, Lincolnshire, England

"My school are really trying their best to raise money for people in Haiti. We have come to an agreement to have a CAKE SALE for kids. We are making the cakes at home and then we bring them in to sell."

Rebekah, 10, Manchester, England

"We are making buns and then selling them for 20p each!! Hopefully we will raise lots of money for Haiti."

Rebecca, 9, County Down, N. Ireland

My friend and I are having a non-uniform day at school where everyone will wear the colours of the Haiti flag and give a £1 donation."

Shabnur, 12, London, England

"It is so heartbreaking seeing all those people struggling. At school we are going to have a fundraising event quite soon. We are also going to send things they may need to Haiti, like food and clothes!"

Gail, 12, London, England

"At my school we had to bring in some unwanted toys, puzzles and books that other people would like and we would sell them at any price. What we raised will then be donated to Haiti."

Mahbuba, 10, Hertfordshire, England

"Our school has had a mega, mega cake day! We also spent four hours having a sponsored walk and some teachers also contributed almost £30 each. The sponsored walk and the cake sale raised £750 and parents also contributed separately which gave us an outstanding £280. In total, we raised £1350!!"

Nafeesa, 11, Nottingham, England

"Our school is having a mufti day this Friday. Our theme is green because it is said to be the colour of hope, which is what Haiti really need."

Hannah, 9, Whitchurch, England

"I think he is doing really well because he is not only raising money for kids who are suffering, but he is getting lots and lots of fresh air and exercise!"

Rosey, 10, County Armagh, N. Ireland

"My brother and I are each giving £5 to Haiti and our parents have given a donation too."

Sapphire, 10, London, England

"I am doing a sponsored cycle for two hours on a static bike in a gym."

Joe, 11, Worcester, England

"My school has done nothing to help the Haiti disaster and I think it is terrible!"

Pauline, 12, Fife, Scotland

"I have been asking my family for jobs! I have been cleaning kitchens, polishing and doing the gardening. So far I have raised £32.50."

Maisie, 7, Hartlepool, England

"My school helped raise money for Haiti by having a mufti day. If you were in your own clothes you had to bring in £2. We are thinking of raising some more money as well."

Sophie, 9, London, England

"My school had a Dress Up As A Country day and our class was Italy, because we have Italian pen pals. We all had to bring in £1 and our school raised over £200."

Tamara, 10, Bristol, England

"My school is aiming to raise £1000 for the quake in Haiti. To do this were having a non-school uniform day, where we will all bring in £1. We will also be selling cakes and ribbons so we will definitely make our target!"

Harry, 14, Kent, England

"I think it is amazing that that boy has raised so much money. I'm going to try my best to make at least £100!"

Holly, 11, Coventry, England

"We had a fashion show at school to raise money for Haiti. We must have raised over £100!"

Hollie, 12, London, England

"We had a talent show at school and the money raised went to Haiti. We had to pay £4 each and there are about a thousand people in my school."

Sophie, 11, Hertfordshire, England

"My school has been making cakes and we had a non uniform day on Friday."

Russell, 9, Liverpool, England

"Today my school did a mad hair day to raise money for Haiti."

Meg, 10, Cumbria, England

"My school is raising money for Haiti. We are having a mufti day and wearing the flag colours, which are blue and red. We are also having a table top sale to raise money for Haiti."

Estella, 10, London, England

"My school have been doing cake sales to raise some money for Haiti. So far we have raised more than £300."

Will, 8, Hereford, England

"At my school we raised £136.01. We raised this money by preparing a cake stall. Year 5 and 6 did a great job by bringing cake in. "

Zoe, 9, Devon, England

"Over at my school, I am having a fun day to raise money for the people in Haiti. We are allowed to wear our own clothes and we are having a disco in the afternoon."

Alexander, 9, Manchester, England

"My school is doing a wacky clothes and bad hair day! It will be really exciting and I am going to dye my hair red, purple, and green and bring in some money."

Sara , 10, Kirkbymoorside, England

"On Friday my school are doing a non uniform day. Also other fundraisers around the school."

Amy , 11, Fordham, England

"Our school made Saint Bridget's crosses. We are going to bring them to the church and give them out. They can give donations if they want. All the money made will be given to the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti. So far, we made at least £500."

Yan, 10, Portlaoise, Ireland

"I did a sponsored silence for 48 hours and I raised £10,000."

Emily, 11, Billericay, England

"Our school has done a money collection, and also cake and hot dog sales."

Rachel, 12, Liverpool, England

"We had a non school uniform day at school."

Georgia, 13, England

"Our school have been helping to raise money for Haiti, and we have raised over £830.45 to help the children of Haiti."

Georgie, 11, Orpington, England

"We raised £84.74 by selling cakes and junk! Thank you to the people of Holloway and Lea!"

Alice, Kate and Sophie, 11 and 10, Derbyshire, England

"My school have raised up to £1000 and there is still more to count!"

Honor, 11, Harrow Weald, England

"At my school, I'm helping to raise money by holding a bring and by sale."

Alistair, 10, Oxfordshire England

"I donated my pocket money to the appeal, £10."

Edward, 12, Crewe, England

"I have raised 20p a day for Haiti."

Katie, 12, Chesterfield, England

"We had a mufti day at school and we raised £1005. We are going to raise more!!"

Katie, 8, Hounslow, England

"Our school had a non uniform day on Friday. In total, we raised £635.55, which has all gone into the Haiti earthquake appeal."

Abigayle, 11, Dalton-in-Furness, England

"My school had a non uniform day to raise money for Haiti. The school has raised £215.90.

Holly, 10, Woodside, England

"We held a non uniform day at school. Non uniform cost £1 per student that's £1000 from that and we sold biscuits and cakes."

Kayleigh, 13, Halifax, England

"I thought I would raise maybe £20 but I actually raised £125.60. Everyone was so generous."

Skye, 11, London, England

"As a class, we baked all sorts of cakes and cookies and sold them at break time. We raised £190 and also asked each class to hold a sale as well. "

Year 6 class, Malpas, England

"At our school, we are selling our unwanted Christmas presents to raise money for Haiti."

Red Class, Year 5 and 6, Bampton, England

"We had a huge bring and buy sale at our school last week and we raised over £700!"

Katie, 12, London, England

"Today we are raising money for Haiti. We have had a cake sale, did a whole school conga, a penny trail and dressed in our own clothes. We hope to raise lots of money to help Haiti."

Class 2, age 6 and 7, Cornwall, England

"On Friday we had a bring and buy sale at school, which was really good, and we paid to wear our own clothes."

Jessica, 11, St Albans, England