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Last Updated: Monday January 25 2010 15:13 GMT

Avatar biggest international film


Avatar has won another movie milestone by becoming the biggest international release of all time.

The 3D spectacular has now made more money in ticket sales outside America than any other film.

Latest figures show it's made £800.45 million, knocking 1997 blockbuster movie Titanic off the international release top spot.

But Titanic's director James Cameron probably won't be too upset - because he directed Avatar as well!

According to 20th Century Fox, the company which made Avatar, the film is also on track to smash American box office records, which would make it the most successful film of all time.

Record breaker?

At the moment, the highest selling film ever is still Titanic, which made £1.143 billion worldwide in 1997.

So far Avatar is just £1.24 million behind that total, and the film's creators think it is certain to break box office records soon.

Avatar has been nominated for eight Baftas and won two Golden Globe awards.