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Last Updated: Friday January 22 2010 14:49 GMT

Haiti starts to move quake victims

Quake survivors moved out of cities

Haiti has started moving its earthquake survivors to camps outside the capital, where they should be safer.

People are living in bad conditions in Port-au-Prince, and they are struggling every day to get food and clean water.

It's hoped the move will help stop the spread of disease, as there's nowhere for people to wash or go to the toilet.

Around 400,000 people will be moved to tent villages outside the capital as soon as possible. The camps aren't built yet but they will be soon.

There are fears that lots of people could start getting ill if something isn't done.

Some people are already being moved outside the capital, to a place called Croix Des Bouquets, where the camps are being built.

A young girl pumps water

About 1.5 million people were left homeless after the earthquake, and up to 200,000 people have died.

Stealing food

Around half a million people are already living in temporary camps in Port-au-Prince, but conditions there are not good.

Police are also working hard because people have started to steal food and aid from each other.

But once the new camps are built, it's hoped this will stop.