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Last Updated: Thursday January 21 2010 13:22 GMT

Lost snake found in supermarket

George the corn snake

A pet snake that escaped from its owner's flat five months ago has been found coiled round the heating pipes of the supermarket below.

George, a corn snake, was discovered by a worker in the Spar store in Mallaig in north west Scotland.

He was rescued by the SPCA animal charity, which said he had probably survived without food since escaping.

He has now been reunited with owners Rosemary Leckie and her 15-year-old son Stefan.

Scottish SPCA inspector Dawna Connolly said it was amazing George had survived.

"It's quite remarkable because George was only two months old when he disappeared and he survived on his own for five months, probably without eating anything at all," she said.

"He was very thin when we collected him, so he would definitely have been ready for a welcome home meal."