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Last Updated: Thursday January 21 2010 13:29 GMT

Avatar gets 8 Bafta nominations


Avatar has got a whopping eight nominations for this year's Baftas.

The prizes it's up for include the best film award, and best director for the man behind the movie, James Cameron.

The 3D science fiction film has already been hugely successful. It's taken more than £979 million at the box office and won two Golden Globe awards.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is also up for two of the smaller awards - for special visual effects and production design.

The three films competing for best animated film are Coraline, Fantastic Mr Fox and Up.

A Bafta
A Bafta

Avatar is also nominated for: best music, cinematography, editing, production design, sound, and special visual effects.

If Avatar keeps doing as well in cinemas as it is now, it looks set to make the most money from ticket sales of all time, but it will have to beat Titanic first.