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Last Updated: Thursday January 21 2010 11:58 GMT

Simon Cowell to make Haiti single

Simon Cowell to record single for Haiti

Simon Cowell is going to make a charity single with all the money going to help victims of the Haiti earthquake.

He said stars like Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle might be on the record if they are free, but that "whoever we've got available" would appear on it.

Simon, who announced he was doing the single at the National TV Awards, was asked to do the song by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Sun newspaper.

Cheryl Cole has also said she'd love to be involved in the project.

But Simon and the stars who take part have got their work cut out - they are trying to make the single in just 48 hours! This is so the proceeds from the song can be sent to Haiti quickly.

"We haven't got an awful lot of time, but we are going to do something and attempt to raise as much money as possible," Simon said.

To boost the amount of money raised, the government has also agreed to donate the tax from sales of the single to the fund-raising effort.

A government spokesman said: "Recognising the public support to the people of Haiti, the government wants to ensure that every penny people pay for this record goes to the campaign."