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Last Updated: Wednesday January 20 2010 11:07 GMT

Stroppy teen otter climbs trees

Mo the otter up a tree (Photo: WWT/Sally Munro)

A naughty otter is attracting loads of attention by climbing trees at a wildlife park.

Otters aren't supposed to climb like this, but Mo might be doing it as part of a "teenage tantrum".

Staff at the Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire said an otter had never climbed a tree there before, but that Mo was quite headstrong.

"It's the otter equivalent of stomping upstairs to your room and slamming the door," a spokeswoman said.

"Perhaps she just wants to be left alone or to have a bit of space from her younger sisters and up a tree is the best place for her to do it!

"It's quite unusual behaviour. It's certainly causing a stir among the visitors."


Mo started climbing trees at Christmas, but now she's got the hang of it she's going higher and higher each time.

Staff have only ever heard of one incident of an otter climbing trees before, but it's never happened at the centre until now.