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Last Updated: Tuesday January 19 2010 15:19 GMT

American firm takes over Cadbury

Cadbury logo

It looks like chocolate-maker Cadbury will be taken over by the company that makes Ritz Crackers and Oreos.

Kraft food have been trying to buy Cadbury for a while but now it looks like their offered of £11.5 billion for the British company will be accepted.

Cadbury is based in Bournville in the Midlands and Kraft says it wants to make sure chocolate's still made there.

But experts are worried there is a chance that some jobs will be lost during the takeover.

Kraft is a massive American company that makes lots of different food, including Philadelphia spread, Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers.

Although Cadbury bosses have said they want the takeover to happen, the people who own Cadbury have until February to say if they agree.