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Last Updated: Tuesday January 19 2010 14:28 GMT

Jobs of the future revealed

Extreme jobs on offer for the future

What do you want to be when you grow up? An athlete, a doctor or maybe even a pop star?

Well how about a member of the weather police, a body part maker or a space pilot?

They might sound like something out of Dr Who but they're all careers that the government reckon you could be doing by 2030.

Experts say that as the climate changes and people live longer the type of jobs people do will also need to change.

Government researchers from the 'Science: So what? So everything' project say jobs of the future could include growing body parts from living tissue, or even taking tourists into space.

They think lots of people will need to work to limit the damage caused by climate change too.

One of the ways of doing this could even be building giant umbrellas that deflect the sun's rays!