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Last Updated: Monday January 18 2010 07:11 GMT

Avatar wins top Hollywood awards


3D sci-fi movie Avatar has won two top prizes at the Golden Globes awards.

The film, which is set on a blue alien planet, took around 12 years to make, and has already made more than $1 billion (£625m) around the world.

It won the award for best drama, and best director for James Cameron.

The Golden Globes are the first big film awards of the year, and often movies that do well at the ceremony then go on to win at the Oscars which take place in March.

Avatar has broken box office records, but still has some way to go before it beats Titanic, which is the most successful film ever, after it made a whopping £1.14 billion.

It also scooped lots of awards when it came out 12 years ago.

But all of this is great for director James Cameron, because he made Titanic as well!

There were also two Golden Globe awards for Up, including best animation.

Pixar film Up, meanwhile, was named best animated feature, winning an additional prize for its original score.