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Last Updated: Thursday January 14 2010 16:26 GMT

Leah checks out the latest classroom gadgets

Leah check out a school tech fair

We've told you about one or two hi-tech ways of teaching in the past, but now loads of schools are trying to use new gadgets to help you learn.

So inventors have been showing off their latest creations at an exhibition in London.

It's the biggest, and busiest, show of it's kind in the world so we sent Leah to check it out...

"Robots that take your register, computerised desks, and the laptop that's so tiny it's slimmer that a human finger.

These are just some of the funky new gadgets that me and Press Packers Mimi and Josh got to play around with at the world's largest school technology fair.

Oscar the robot
We all loved Oscar the robot

The idea is to give teachers and kids the chance to try out all of these gadgets before schools actually part with any cash.


First up we discovered Oscar the Robot - who in the future might be used as a teaching assistant in class.

He can talk, take a register, and even joke about with you. But without a doubt the best thing about Oscar was his bowl of sweets.

There was some very odd kit

Next, to a new bit of kit that uses finger print technology that can keep track of when you turn up for school.

You have to place your finger on a touch sensitive pad which then sends a signal to a computer to let your teachers know when you've turned up for school.

Mimi and Josh told me that sometimes in their class people muck around and use silly voices when the teacher is taking register - I think this bit of kit would cut all of that out.

3D images

Josh drumming
Josh gives the music kit a go

My favourite idea were the 3D learning cubes. The blocks have shapes on all four sides, but when you place them under a special camera on a flat screen TV, you get to see a 3D image.

So for biology you could see a 3D image of a skeleton, or for history you could see a 3D image of Big Ben.

But Mimi and Josh really liked the virtual music lesson.

While you're playing the drums or guitars, a computer tracks whether you are hitting the right notes or following the song.

At the end of the session, all the teacher has to do is push a button and you get a print out of your efforts.

School equipment
Hi-tech lessons look fun!

Although Mimi and Josh liked this, they told me there's nothing like having a teacher there to point out when you're doing well or not so well.

But after whizzing around a massive hall all day trying out all sorts of great gadgets, we all just wanted to take Oscar the robot because he's so much fun!"