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Last Updated: Friday January 15 2010 05:50 GMT

'Polish' dog is taught English

Cent the dog

The mystery of a dog who refused to respond to any commands has been solved - he only 'speaks' Polish!

Staff at an animal centre were worried that Cent the dog was deaf, until they worked out he had lived with a family from Poland.

So they learnt a few basic commands, like 'sit' and 'come here', and Cent responded straight away.

Four months later, he's now fluent in English and Polish, and is looking for a new home.

Staff at the RSPCA centre in Oldham, Greater Manchester, said they were pleased to have worked out what was wrong.

Cent playing
Cent playing in the snow

"Obviously, maybe he's having a chuckle because we're pronouncing it a bit wrong," said RSPCA worker, Karen Heath.

But she assured anyone who might want to adopt Cent that they don't have to speak Polish, as he now understands enough English commands too.