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Last Updated: Wednesday January 13 2010 07:47 GMT

In pics: Powerful quake hits Haiti

A collapsed building in Port-au-Prince after the quake in Haiti

Large areas of Haiti in the Caribbean have been devastated by its worst earthquake in 200 years.

A man is treated after being injured in the quake

The quake struck near the capital, Port-au-Prince, but its tremors were felt all over the country.

People searching for survivors in Port-au-Prince

Loads of people joined the search for survivors immediately after the minute-long quake, which measured 7.0 on the Richter scale.

A Haitian woman is helped after being trapped in rubble in Port-au-Prince

But emergency services struggled to reach those who were injured as many of the streets were blocked by rubble.

People searching for survivors in Port-au-Prince

Hundreds of people are feared to have died in the disaster, with rescue workers warning the final death toll could run into thousands.

Rescue workers in Taiwan check their supplies before heading to Haiti to help

Rescue teams from all over the world, including this team from Taiwan, are now travelling to Haiti to help in the search for survivors.

The devastated national palace in Port-au-Prince

Haiti's national palace in Port-au-Prince was among the buildings destroyed.