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Last Updated: Monday January 11 2010 13:20 GMT

In pictures: Animals stuck on ice

The swans stuck in the ice

It's not just humans who have trouble getting around in the snow and ice... spare a thought for these swans who got trapped in a frozen lake in Merseyside.

The digger about to free the swans from the ice

The RSPCA animal charity got diggers from a nearby site to help break the thick ice and free the birds. Unfortunately, one bird died but the others made a full recovery.

RSPCA workers mid-rescue

RSPCA officers were also called on to help this goose that got frozen to the ice on the River Teifi in Cardigan for the second time in two days.

The goose after its rescue

Inspectors used their new flood rescue boat to crack through the ice and reach the bird, which was later given a clean bill of health by vets.

Hector in the freezing lake

In Scotland, Hector the Great Dane dog had to be rescued after falling through ice on a pond in Edinburgh. Fire crews were called to rescue the hefty hound as it's dangerous work.

Hector thawing out in front of the fire

The good news is Hector's doing fine now. His owners did the right thing calling for help as at least two people have died in recent weeks while trying to rescue their dogs from icy water.