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Last Updated: Saturday January 09 2010 14:08 GMT

Cold snap hits grit supplies

Gritters in Glasgow

The icy streets could be getting more slippery, as local councils have agreed to cut back on grit for the roads so they don't run out.

The snow has meant loads more grit has been used than normal.

Now supplies are running low. The government has ordered more salt stocks from abroad, but that's not due to arrive until 21 January.

Major roads will still be gritted so most people should be able to get about.

Local authorities have said they will cut back on salt use by 25%, so that their supplies will last longer.

But they said they would still be gritting big roads, and trying to make sure everyone could get about safely in the cold weather.

More snow is forecast for parts of the UK including south east England and Wales on Saturday and Sunday.