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Last Updated: Saturday January 09 2010 12:47 GMT

Attack on Togo football team

Residents gather next to a giant ball advertising the African Cup of Nations, in Luanda, Angola,

Togo look set to pull out of the Africa Cup of Nations, after the national team's bus was attacked by gunmen.

Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor, who captains the Togolese team, was on the bus when it was shot at in the south west African country of Angola.

Adebayor was OK, but two of his team mates were injured, and their bus driver was killed.

The team are due to play Ghana on Monday in their first Africa Cup game.

The bus was targeted as the team returned from their training camp through a dangerous area.

Lots of players were clearly upset afterwards and Adebayor said it was a terrifying experience.

The Angolan government said the attack was an "act of terrorism."

Cup to continue

The organisers of the tournament say it will go ahead despite the attack.

But Togo's midfielder Alaixys Romao told a French newspaper that his team were pulling out of the contest, and trying to get other teams to quit the tournament too.