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Last Updated: Friday January 08 2010 18:17 GMT

Footy games off because of snow

Frozen football pitch

Five Premier League games have been postponed this weekend because of the bad weather.

Fulham's match against Portsmouth and Burnley's clash with Stoke have been called off because of the freezing conditions, snow and ice.

While the Hull against Chelsea and the Sunderland v Bolton game have had to be postponed too.

And Wigan and Aston Villa are also unable to play their match because of the freezing conditions on the pitch.

The Liverpool v Tottenham match on Sunday has had to be called off as well.

Away from the Premier League, things are much worse with six matches off in the Championship and only two surviving in Leagues One and Two.

Most of the Scottish Cup Fourth Round fixtures are off, and it doesn't stop at football.

The bad weather's also caused Rugby Union games and horse racing to be called off around the UK.

The advice is to check with your club before you set out to watch any sport this weekend.