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Last Updated: Friday January 08 2010 07:25 GMT

Coldest night of winter so far

Sunrise in Glastonbury

The UK's big freeze dipped to a new low as temperatures reached -22.1C in the Scottish Highlands - that's colder than inside a freezer!

It was a chilly -13.4C in Cheshire in North West England. Powys in central Wales was -14.7C and near Belfast in Northern Ireland it was -10C.

But it's been colder; the lowest temperature ever recorded in the UK was -27.2C in north east Scotland in 1982.

The cold snap is forecast to last for another week.

It's good news for some kids though as the snow has closed hundreds of schools across the UK.


There are worries that councils might be running out of grit to use on the roads. In some areas councils are only gritting major roads to try and cut back.

Bird on frozen lake in Berkshire
Lots of lakes have frozen making life difficult for the birds that live there

The big freeze is also causing problems with flights and train services.

And in sport four of this weekend's Championship matches have been called off and only three games will go ahead in leagues One and Two.

Ten Scottish Cup games have also been cancelled.