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Last Updated: Thursday January 07 2010 16:37 GMT

In pictures: More of your snowy snaps!

Ted the spaniel in the snow

You've sent us so many snow pictures that we needed another picture gallery for them! Rowan from Northumberland sent us this pic of her dog Ted looking cold.

Kids and giant snowman

Abigail and Sam built this giant snowman in Stourbridge. It's nearly as tall as than both of them put together!

Polar bear made of snow

Check out this huge polar bear made by Archie and Kitty in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Dog in snow

Elise and Casey from Norfolk sent in this pic of their dog Pepsi looking like something out of Ice Age!

Dog in snow kennel

And this dog Ellie looks nice and comfortable - if you put a dog in an igloo does it become a dogloo?!

Snowman in a scarf

Emma and Rebecca from Southampton have kept their snowman nice and warm with this scarf.

People sledging

This great action shot shows Harry, Archie and grandad flying down the slopes.


These amazing icicles are hanging off the roof of Maria's house in Reading.

Snowman and snow cat

Katie, Catherine and Tom made these in Burgess Hill. Is it a giant cat, or a tiny snowman?

Giant snowman

Kye, six of his friends and lots of passers by all helped to make this massive five-metre high snow giant in Maidenhead.

Snow woman

This strict-looking snow woman is called Mrs Pennyapple and was made by the Lillycrop Family in Thatcham, Berkshire.

two snow men

Ross, his sister and his dad put together this snowy couple in their back garden.

Horse eating a snowman

When Sadie's horse Flight got a bit peckish, it started tucking into the snowman's carrot nose!


Saif's snowman looks a bit like something from Doctor Who with his funny head and silver eyes.

Frozen canal

This canal in Liverpool has completely frozen over, as taken by Sandra. Make sure you don't try to walk across any frozen water as it can be really dangerous.

Snow horse and snow chicken

There's a farmyard theme going on at Flora's place in Guildford with this snow horse and chicken.

snowman on a bench

Tony and his brother made this relaxed sculpture when they got bored waiting for the bus.

Incredible Hulk sculpture

Mohammed and eight of his brothers built this Incredible Hulk out of the snow in Ardwick, Manchester.

boys and igloo

Jonathan, Matthew and Samual built this igloo in West Sussex, and then their mums let them sleep in it overnight!