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Last Updated: Thursday January 07 2010 07:16 GMT

Katy Perry gets engaged to Brand

Katy Perry

Pop star Katy Perry has announced she's got engaged to boyfriend Russell Brand while they were on holiday.

Comedian Brand proposed in India on New Year's Eve during the showbiz couple's winter break.

Katy Perry has had a string of hits including I Kissed A Girl, while Brand was sacked by the BBC in 2008 for being rude on his radio show.

In November, the pop star said they had "a special thing" that they wanted to keep away from the media spotlight.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry
Katy Perry says they want to keep their relationship private

Katy told the BBC: "The wonderful thing is we both have our own kind of separate talents, careers and lives and we really respect each other."

She said she wasn't surprised by the attention their relationship's had.

"We both equally get our fair share, so if you put the two of us together then maybe it will multiply," she said.