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Last Updated: Wednesday January 06 2010 17:27 GMT

World Cup games to be shown in 3D

Doctor Who wearing 3D glasses

Joe goes to a 3D cinema and talks to techie expert Zoe Kleinman

Big sports broadcasters in America are going to film some of this summer's World Cup footy games in 3D.

To watch something in 3D you have to have a special 3D television, but lots of electronic companies are launching new models in the next few months.

And last year the BBC announced that it is hoping to film some of the 2012 Olympics in 3D too.

It comes after the huge success of recent 3D films shown in cinemas, such as Up and Avatar.

The great thing about 3D is the way things on the screen seem to jump out, and with football it would seem like the ball was flying towards you!


When 3D TV does come to the UK, you'll have to wear special glasses as well as get a new television.

It will be expensive to upgrade, but Sky has already said it will launch a 3D channel later this year which will show films and maybe some football.