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Last Updated: Wednesday January 06 2010 12:58 GMT

Ore talks about reporting live from SA

Ore in South Africa

The year 2010 is going to be a pretty big one for South Africa, with the eyes of the sporting world on the country for the football World Cup.

The tournament kicks off in June, so to get an idea of how preparations are going across the country, Newsround has sent Ore to South Africa to find out more about the country.

"Doing a live link for Newsround is always a big thrill, but as exciting as it was preparing for what we call 'the live' for Monday's programme, it didn't come without some anxious moments.

We filmed most of the report from South Africa before Monday afternoon but as our 7pm deadline loomed (we're two hours ahead of the UK here in South Africa) we had a couple of bits still to film, including chatting to some local children.


Ore finds a child to talk to
Ore finds a child to talk to in Johannesburg

That might seem easy enough, but with Johannesburg being the largest city in the country, and the fact that everybody was still on school holidays, it meant kids weren't that easy to find! Fortunately all the driving paid off and we found a park where some were playing football.

They were really friendly and came crowding around as soon as they saw our camera equipment - they even let me play a bit of football with them. Let's just say I won't be picked to play for Bafana Bafana (the South Africa national team) any time soon!

Time was ticking now and we rushed back to the BBC offices in Johannesburg. Driving through a huge thunderstorm and some flooded roads didn't put us off - the show must go on, and our show was about two hours away!

Hairy, scary moments

Ore playing football
it's only Ore - tackle him!

That left time for me to prepare what I would say to Sonali in the programme and for my producer Charlie to speak to the team back in London and send the bits of filming needed to complete our report. Now, I said at the start that we had some anxious moments...

I'll rephrase and say we had some hairy, definitely scary moments - worried that we might not be able to send it all back in time.

Hats off to Charlie - he kept his cool and we had a report, done and dusted. All that had to be done now was for me to say hi to Sonali and you guys at home live from Johannesburg… and may I say it was a pleasure!"