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Last Updated: Tuesday January 05 2010 14:58 GMT

In pictures: Hayley goes to the zoo!

Zoo keeper and some raccoons

Every year zoos have to count up all their animals. Here at London Zoo they're trying to work out how many raccoons there are.

Hayley with some locusts

Hayley tries to count the locusts - how many can you spot?!

Zoo keeper and a penguin

One of the penguins gets a checkover by a zoo keeper.

Hayley and some meerkats

Hayley tries to sneak up on some meerkats who are warming up under a heater!

Hayley and a millipede

Hayley and her new friend the giant African millipede. How many legs can you see?

Hayley holding some kind of animal

What's this frightening creature crawling all over Hayley?

Hayley holding a stick insect

It's a giant stick insect of course! Nothing to worry about.