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Last Updated: Monday January 04 2010 16:18 GMT

Snowed-in New Year party return home

The Tan Hill Inn

Thirty people who got snowed in at a New Year's Eve party have gone home after being stuck there for three days.

The Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire is the highest pub in England and held a big bash on Thursday night.

But it started snowing heavily and when people tried to move their cars they found they had been stranded.

Local DJ Peter Richardson said: "People have been helping peel veg for the dinner and pitching in... We've also held quizzes."

Paul Manson from Alnwick in Northumberland was one of the guests.

He said: "Everyone's been chipping in by doing the washing up, peeling potatoes, getting cars out of the snow and keeping the generator going."

People began making their way home on Sunday, after gritters and snow ploughs arrived and cleared the roads.