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Last Updated: Monday January 04 2010 08:17 GMT

Avatar smashes box office record


Avatar has become the fastest film ever to make more than $1 billion (£625m) in ticket sales around the world.

It's only been in cinemas for 17 days, but it's already the fourth biggest film ever made.

The 3D science fiction film is about a soldier whose mind is projected into the body of a giant blue alien, on a dangerous planet called Pandora.

As well as making loads of cash, it's thought to be the most expensive film ever, costing at least £186m.

A spokesman from film company 20th Century Fox said: "This is like a freight train out of control.

"Even people who don't normally go to the movies, they've heard about it and are saying, 'I have to see it'."

Biggest ever

Although Avatar is doing really well, it's still got a long way to go to become the biggest film ever.

That title's currently held by Titanic, which made $1.8 billion, or £1.1 billion, in ticket sales.

But Avatar director James Cameron probably isn't bothered - he directed Titanic too!