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Last Updated: Thursday May 27 2010 11:52 GMT

In pictures: Sonali checks out the world's tallest tower

Sonali and the Burj Khalifa

Sonali's been on holiday in the Middle East. So she had to stop to check out the world's tallest building- the Burj Khalifa.

Woman takes a photo of the Burj Khalifa

It towers more than 800m over the city of Dubai, with 160 floors! That's more than twice the height of the Empire State Building in New York.


Dubai has lots of impressive buildings, but the Burj can be seen from 60 miles away!

The Burj Dubai

It was called The Burj Dubai, but changed its name before it opened in January 2010. The tower has loads of luxury apartments, and the world's highest swimming pool!

The Burj Khalifa

It's so tall that the top is 10 degrees cooler than the temperature at the bottom!