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Last Updated: Saturday January 02 2010 15:33 GMT

Footy games hit by bad weather

Pitches across Scotland are frozen
Pitches across Scotland are frozen

Lots of football matches in England and Scotland have been postponed because of freezing temperatures and heavy snow.

It's the second week in a row matches in Scotland have been cancelled because of the weather.

The Scottish Premier League match between Falkirk and St Johnstone was cancelled 80 minutes before kick-off because the pitch was frozen.

The bad weather isn't going anywhere - freezing temperatures have been forecast for the next few days.

Third round FA Cup matches postponed until 12 January
Accrington v Gillingham
Brentford v Doncaster
Bristol City v Cardiff

The terrible weather conditions have caused lots of accidents and drivers are being warned to be extra careful.

Cancelled Scottish Premier League matches
Falkirk v St Johnstone
Motherwell v Hamilton