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Last Updated: Saturday January 02 2010 12:15 GMT

10.4 million watch Dr Who finale

David Tennant's final moments as Dr Who

More than 10 million people tuned in to watch David Tennant as Doctor Who for the very last time.

The final episode on New Year's Day saw the Time Lord regenerate into a new Doctor Who, 27-year-old Matt Smith.

David Tennant's final words were: "I don't want to go," while the new Doctor shouted: "Legs! I've got legs!"

The new episode ended with the Tardis heading towards Earth in flames, setting up the first episode of the fifth series.

The show was watched by more people than any other programme at the same time.

The finale not only marked the end of David Tennant as Doctor Who, it was also the last show by head writer Russell T Davies.

Friday's episode saw The Doctor battle against The Master who took over every human on the planet.

The new series is due to start on BBC1 in the Spring.

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