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Last Updated: Friday January 01 2010 11:25 GMT

World celebrates start of 2010

New Year's Eve in London

People around the world have been celebrating the beginning of a new year, and a brand new decade too.

Around 200,000 people crammed into the streets of London to watch a huge firework display, and 80,000 joined in a Hogmanay party in Edinburgh.

Those in London got to watch a firework display that lasted for seven-and-a-half minutes and cost £313,000.

One of the first places to celebrate the start of the year 2010 was in New Zealand, at 11am on Thursday.

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil
Celebrations in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

One of the biggest celebrations came a few hours later in Australia, where around 1.5m people headed for Sydney to see in the new year.

Even more people later partied in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, while hundreds of thousands chose to celebrate the new year in New York in America.


Fireworks in Brazil

Have you made any New Year's resolutions?

"To stop biting my nails and to keep my room tidy."

Christina, 11, Fife, Scotland