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Last Updated: Wednesday December 30 2009 16:35 GMT

British hostage set free in Iraq

Peter Moore

A British man who was taken prisoner in Iraq has been set free after two-and-a-half years.

Peter Moore was a computer expert working in Iraq in 2007 when he and four other British men were captured.

Mr Moore is now at a building belonging to the British government in Iraq, and politicians back in the UK have spoken to him to make sure he is safe.

Foreign secretary David Miliband said: "He's obviously, to put it mildly, absolutely delighted with his release."

The four men taken hostage at the same time as Mr Moore were working as bodyguards.

Taken hostage

The five British men were all taken from outside a building in Iraq in 2007, by armed men pretending to be policemen.

Three of the men working as bodyguards are known to have been killed in Iraq, and it's suspected that the other man has been killed as well.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: "I am hugely relieved by the wonderful news that Peter has been freed.

"At this moment of celebration, we also remember the families of British hostages who have been killed in Iraq and elsewhere.