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Last Updated: Wednesday January 06 2010 06:30 GMT

I met the fastest man on the planet!

Usain Bolt with the children

Press Packer Josh and his mates got to meet Usain Bolt.

Here's his story:

"It's the beginning of a whole new decade.

But what will you remember from the past year?

One of my memories of 2009 will be meeting Usain Bolt when he ran the fastest 150m ever in The City of Manchester Games.

It took place on Sunday 17th May.

Kit carrying

Usain Bolt
The fastest man on the planet

Me, My sister, my teacher and some mates were kit carriers for the athletes.

It was pouring with rain and we got soaking wet, but that didn't matter at all.

Lots of famous athletes were there, and they all arrived in flash sport cars.

It was tiring, but after the races we received some goodies and got to meet some of the stars ourselves.

The stars we met

We met Marlon Devonish, Sonia O 'Sullivan, Haile Gabrelassie, Christine Ohurogu, Andy Turner and the amazing Usain Bolt!

I was exhausted afterwards, but it really was a day to remember!"

Josh, 11, Lancashire, England

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